12 Little Ways 2 Enrich Empathy

July 26, 2016



   I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization. – Roger Ebert


  •  Become sensitive to each child’s feelings of worth and dignity.

  •  Develop an inner-awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others.

  •  Understand how to walk in another’s shoes.

  •  Listen with your heart.

  •  Be touched by the meaning of gratitude and joy.

  •  Enliven your heart muscle.

  •  Be sensitive to the needs of others.

  •  Always look for the goodness in people.

  •  Look for potential in children to help them embrace their life purpose.    

  •  Be patient with children and let them move at their own pace, as slow as it may seem to you.

  •  Take time to hear what your child is trying to tell you.

  •  Accept your child exactly where he or she is.




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