What We Do
“The #1 motivator of kids is positive feedback.”
COOL CATS empowers future leaders with fun and motivational leader skill-building products, tools, and apps to inspire kids between ages 6 and 12, moms, dads, educators, home schools, and general consumers on how kids can develop their full potential.
 What We Do
COOL CATS empowers future leaders with fun and practical leader skill-building apps, tools and products to inspire kids ages 6 to 12, moms, dads, educators, home schools, businesses and general consumers on how the young can embrace their gifts and talents to
become tomorrow’s leaders.
 Why We Do It

To Engage

Engage kids with fun tools to build strong leadership skills for life.

To Empower

Empower  kids with confidence and courage to thrive in the real world.


To Encourage
Encourage  character traits such as creativity, commitment, and perseverance.


To Enrich
Enrich a child's understanding of their gifts, talents, and potential to become who they are meant to be.


To Enable
Enable children to become trailblazers and world changers.


To Enhance
Enhance a child's well-being and discovery of their destiny.

“Planting seeds of leadership early in life”
  • STIMULATES Creativity, initiative & innovation

  • ENHANCES  Integrity, conflict resolution skills & responsibility

  • EMPOWERS  Internal Strength & Inner-directed leadership

  • DEVELOPS  Strong positive change in mental health & well-being

  • STRENGTHENS  Inner confidence, character & healthy relationships

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