Leadership Tips Poster

Leadership Tips Poster

Top 10 Tips on Leadership

  • Talk with your kids about the top 10 leadership traits and why they are important in life

  • Discuss the meaning of inner-leader strength? Why and how could your child develop inner leadership strength?

  • Discuss each leadership quality and identify these traits in family and friends

  • Select one leader quality a day and discover this quality in your child

  • Affirm how your children can be positive role models by applying their unique leadership qualities in the community

Building Blocks for Leaders Card Deck

Building Blocks for Leaders

  • A fun and challenging game of 50 cards to empower kids with the “language of leadership”

  • Develops social interaction skills with others

  • Each card names a leadership quality so kids can identify with each trait to reach their full potential

  • Releases undiscovered leadership qualities in kids


Growing the Leader in You Book

  • Basic concepts about the meaning of leadership and people who lead

  • Inspires a child to learn about how leadership can be learned

  • Motivates curiosity about the world and how a child fits into it

  • Nurtures leader skill-building and character traits in the young

A-Z Leader Alphabook

  • Learn an alphabet for leaders! A is for ACTION, B is for BELIEVE, and C is for CHANGE-MAKER – all the way to letter Z!  

  • Talk with your child about alphabet letters and leadership language at the same time using words that rhyme. You can even create your own leadership words using the letters of the alphabet

  • O stands for OPTIMISM, and it is an art. Optimism grows from inspiration deep in your heart.”

  • Have fun with your kids and create some of your own rhymes

The Big Little Book on Destiny

  • Short imagination book to spark the leader in your child. What is the book saying to kids? What does the word destiny mean?

  • Listen to your children and talk about life lessons that can be learned from leaders

  • Talk together about what a leader does, how a leader acts, and have a conversation about leader traits you see in your child

  • Can your children identify their own strengths and leadership traits?

  • Describe your child’s strengths and leader qualities. Every child has a gift to contribute to the world

 L Building Blocks For Leaders Book

  • Read about all of the building blocks that will help your child become a future leader

  • Have your kids identify several of their leadership skills that will help them change the world for the better

  • Identify the top 20 leader skills in your children

  • Talk about why these growth skills will help your child thrive