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Leaders are World Changers

Excerpts from The Big Little Book on Destiny

Leaders are givers, not takers

Leaders turn followers into leaders

A leader knows how to follow

Real leaders share the harvest with followers

The best leaders are servants

Leaders act beyond their own self interest

Leaders are dream weavers

If you give them a destination,

Leaders will create a map to arrive there first

Leaders are flexible

They stretch their imagination

and other people's too

Leaders think differently . . .

They think YES, not no; CHANGE,

not status quo

Leaders are people-growers

They lead by example

They turn adversity into advantage

Leaders are amazing hurdle jumpers

A leader understands conflict and

turns it into something good

Leaders are often misunderstood

They speak a different language

Leaders have boundless energy

They run when others walk

Leaders take time to be alone . . .

Solitude renews energy

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