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Basics of Leadership Development for Children

Author’s Beliefs and Intentions

Inside every child is a small seed with great potential. This seed must be planted, watered, fertilized and nurtured—to grow and blossom into beauty, strength, joy and character. I believe God plants these seeds at birth and then grows seeds of greatness inside every child. COOL CATS Super Leadership 4 Kids® has been created and written with a values-based perspective on authentic leadership. It communicates to children ages 6 to12 and beyond, and their parents how to inspire and challenge leader qualities in the young with inspiration, motivation, affirmation and positive feedback. Why? Leader qualities begin to emerge in children between ages 6 and 10.

My purpose in life is to engage in projects that speak from my heart and values, and which create a better world, a more knowledgeable parent, a whole and more loving child. I am passionate about developing genuine potential in children. Because most potential in young children goes untapped and undiscovered, I want to spark this underlying potential, so children can lead from their strengths, gifts and talents. I want parents to know how a child's brain develops, which is an opportune time to nurture emotional and social skill-building. I desire for children to "become who they are meant to be" by inspiring and challenging them to grow into empowered leaders with heart, mind and talent. Kids will be our future trailblazers and world-changers. COOL CATS aspires to release inner-strength, which in turn nurtures the inner-leader in children, the highest form of true leadership. I have created COOL CATS to inspire and motivate, because it's "cool" to be a leader.

It is our responsibility as parents to provide children with a secure foundation built on solid time-tested values, which will strengthen a child’s inner resources so they can navigate the world from a base of knowing their true identity with an understanding of their core values. Foundation building does not happen overnight. It takes time, patience, skill and an abundance of nurturing love to guide our children into the future.

When children know their true identity and are self-aware, they are able to lead with vision, compassion, strength, and wisdom. We are all leaders with a purpose in life, and we have been destined to lead and change the world. COOL CATS believes children require our utmost attention, preserving their dignity and respect, and their right to become a whole and healthy human being. All adults must be committed to helping children grow their unique gifts and talents, so they can grow into a leader of significance.

I believe all leaders of greatness lead from the heart. Our greatest task today is to cultivate inner-strength in children by nurturing a child's inner well-being, which includes growing a child’s capacity to develop their full God-given potential to lead from strength and wisdom. Because 75 percent of children learn through the heart, we believe this kind of “heart-strengthening” leadership will transform society and the person in the process. Never doubt that every child can become a leader. COOL CATS Super Leadership 4 Kids® is about growing the “heart-muscle” in children, developing their compassion and wisdom, as well.

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