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20 Ways You Can Ignite Your Child's Potential

  1. Play, Play, Play!

  2. Show and tell children they are loved for who they are.

  3. Affirm a child’s positive behavior every chance you get.

  4. Let kids choose their own activities, called “free play.”

  5. Identify and remind children daily of their strengths and gifts.

  6. Empower your child’s unique leadership skills.

  7. Provide positive feedback to children, the #1 motivator of kids.

  8. Constantly stimulate a child’s curiosity and imagination.

  9. Embolden your child to become a good friend to others.

  10. Explore new places and spaces with effervescence.

  11. Equip your child with joy by creating a sense of adventure in life.

  12. Encourage creativity and innovation in whatever children do.

  13. Engage in music, dance, drama, and art as often as possible.

  14. Read a story every day, or create fictional stories and write them down.

  15. Talk about the dreams of children and paint them in vibrant color.

  16. Enhance a child’s sense of humor by modeling laughter and joy.

  17. Hold, hug and kiss your children with tenderness and caring.

  18. Listen to your child and repeat back to them what they are telling you.

  19. Enrich your child’s inner life by encouraging genuine expression of emotions.

  20. Show your child how to resolve and reconcile problems right when they happen.

“These simple actions can positively impact your child’s behavior.”

  • Judith Addington, Leadership catalyst

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