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12 Little Ways to Conquer Conflict Resolution

”Raise your thoughts, not your fists.” - Matshona Dhliwayo

  • First, calm down and consider the situation and those involved.

  • Discuss how the conflict began, what actually caused the conflict, all people involved, why the conflict happened, how to resolve the conflict, action taken, and solutions to be put in place.

  • There is always a creative solution to a conflict.

  • The children need to sit down and talk to each other with respect, honor, and forgiveness.

  • Silence will not solve the situation. Talking together will.

  • Determine a path to conflict resolution to solve the conflict.

  • Look at both sides of the conflict and address each directly.

  • Talk together about ways to solve the problem.

  • Have each child agree that they will take responsibility to help solve the issue so that it meets the needs of each person.

  • Listen to what is being said and hearwhat is being said.

  • The conflict must be replaced by positive leader behavior: honesty, honor, self-control and positive relationship building.

  • Each person must ask forgiveness of the other and seal it with

a hand shake or another act of goodness.


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