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Exploring Real Leadership - Part 5

Failures = Stepping Stones

Becoming a genuine real leader isn’t always easy. Some of our greatest leaders have failed innumerable times on their way to success as a leader. Failure is not what you may think, however. Many leaders see failure as a series of “stepping stones” before reaching a desired goal. They speak of false starts, but never failure. Disappointments lead to even greater conviction, growth and change. One might think of Thomas Edison, the scientific leader, as one who failed many times before his astounding inventions became successful. And consider Abe Lincoln’s road to the White House. His winding path certainly proves you should never give up!

  • 1831 – Lincoln failed in business

  • 1832 – Defeated for legislature

  • 1833 – Second failure in business

  • 1836 – Suffers nervous breakdown

  • 1838 – Defeated for speaker

  • 1840 – Defeated for Elector

  • 1843 – Defeated for Congress

  • 1848 – Defeated for Congress

  • 1855 – Defeated for Senate

  • 1856 – Defeated for Vice President

  • 1858 – Defeated for Senate

  • 1860 – Elected President of the United States

Consider the leadership of Nelson Mandela, who spent nearly 28 years in prison. Who could imagine that after all of this time behind bars, Nelson Mandela’s leadership ability to negotiate peace would become more powerful than ever? He seemed to be destined to lead by his life experiences and his “refining by fire” in prison. Certainly his humility was nurtured in prison, and remains one of his most potent leader qualities to enact social change in the world.

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