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Every Child Can Be a Leader

Leadership comes from all walks of life, in all sizes and shapes, all genders, religions, age groups, and ethnic groups. Rosa Beth Kantor says there is “quiet and noisy” leadership. John Kotter says there is “revolutionary” leadership.” Warren Bennis says, “leaders of the future must have a broad range of skills.” And to the end of his years, the leading proponent of leadership, John W.Gardner always said that “most human talent remains undeveloped.”

It is critical we develop and nurture every kind of transforming, positive, creative leader possible for the complex and unpredictable future world depends on it. This demands that we become “people –makers,” who foster inner-directed, courageous, innovative, forward-thinking, stand up for your beliefs leaders, with vision and creative solutions to old problems.

The future calls for leaders to jump hurdles, master obstacles, be exceedingly flexible, and aspire to higher levels of ideals, relationships and community building. This will take new leaders with guts and internal fortitude.

If the ideal life calls for our young to become whole and healthy human beings — emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially, morally and spiritually, it is in our best interests to nurture the strongest possible leader qualities in children, inspiring them to reach their highest God-given human potential, thereby causing a chain reaction in how they lead and relate to people around the world. This is not only a private challenge; it is a public necessity.

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