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Ten Building Blocks to Grow a Leader

  1. VISION: Leaders see the “big picture” and usually before others do. They envision an unusually clear path and are able to share the excitement of this vision and sense of purpose with others and bring them along on the adventure.

  2. COMMITMENT: Leaders know what they want and how to get it. They are committed to stating bold goals and developing realistic plans for reaching them. They are committed to doing what is right and completing what has to be done to finish the task.

  3. OPTIMISM: Leaders expect the best in people and look at the bright side of life. Their positive self esteem and forward thinking action takes them where they want to go and causes people to follow them.

  4. EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION: Leaders are excellent listeners and know one must understand each person’s message clearly and distinctly. Sharing information and giving positive feedback are critical in the communication process.

  5. CHARACTER: A leader is, above all, trustworthy. A person’s character exhibits honesty, moral courage, and credibility. Leaders are clear about their values and beliefs and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe to be true.

  6. SPIRITED: Leaders have a spiritual core given to them by God. They are positive thinkers and doers. Their high energy level is contagious and radiates within and to others around them. They tackle life with zest, and spiritual inspiration is their trademark.

  7. HUMBLE: True leaders do not think more highly of themselves than others. They don’t blow their own horn; they let their followers blow it. They honor the talent each individual brings to the table and are endowed with a lack of arrogance and an abundance of patience. They have a servant heart.

  8. EMPATHY: Leaders are compassionate and highly sensitive to an individual’s self esteem; they love to mentor and develop potential in others. Their profound empathy causes an inner awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others and understand how to “walk in another’s shoes.”

  9. IMAGINATION: A leader has the childlike quality of an inquisitive mind. They often look at life through rainbow colored glasses, seeing the unusual, the unexpected and the extraordinary in the ordinary.

  10. STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY: A leader is a willow as well as an oak. She has the inner strength to face obstacles and the flexibility to be resilient in tough situations.

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