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Shaping Leaders of the Future

LEADERSHIP is on the minds of everyone today. Our future depends on knowing more about it. We need to look at leadership and leaders in a fresh, new way while nurturing it in practical ways with children. Leadership is more important today than ever before.

LEADERSHIP is a learned behavior. The next generation of leaders is being shaped and formed right at this very moment. The qualities that spark a leader’s ability to lead – genuine leadership traits that emerge from deep within – are the most powerful and profound kind of leader traits that have the power to move others into action, which eventually brings change – real change. Sometimes even change that is revolutionary.

WHO WILL LEAD in this next century? Who are the young leaders paving the way down every street in America and what do they stand for? Who will guide them?

THE NEXT generation is going to be about “people-making.” It is going to be about changing hearts and minds, changing society for the better and in the process, changing ourselves. Leadership of the future is about people-making of the highest order. We must build the architecture, which stimulates internal leader growth in children so a child’s external actions project internal strength. By focusing on the internal development of children and encouraging leader traits in children to be fully expressed and empowered, we challenge and inspire a new generation of leaders who will lead with passion and purpose.

BECAUSE the power of inner-directed leadership stimulates self awareness, impacts happiness, increases relationship building, enhances innovation and consequently productivity, it is imperative we build the blocks of leadership growth early in a child’s life. If we start with the definition that the highest form of leadership is the transformation of ourselves and our society to its better self and greatest good, we must discover everyday leaders – in every corner of America, while creating a sense of excitement about empowering leader potential in the young.

MOMS & DADS must be aware of their leader skills so children might tap into their own unique leader qualities. Parents are a child’s first exposure to great role models. Children say their first choice for a role model is their mom or dad. Not only might parents take a closer look at the essence of genuine leadership and what makes it grow and thrive; they may want to take a look in the mirror as well. For the ability of parents to be super role models for children has never been more critical than in the 21st century.

MOMS & DADS are the “people-growers” of the next generation of leaders. The future requires growing original thinkers who exhibit integrity, imagination, courage, and innovation – people who think differently, from everyone else. We need to be in the business of inspiring children to make good choices, to dream big dreams, and to get involved in great acts of leadership, which in turn will change the world to a better place – a place where leadership thrives and people care deeply about each other.

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