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Top 20 Motivators 4 Kids

  1. Find out what makes your child “tick.”

  2. Create a sense of enthusiasm in your child’s life.

  3. Give positive feedback, the #1 motivator of kids.

  4. Work from a child’s strengths, talents & gifts.

  5. Let children know you believe in them.

  6. Fill children with encouragement daily.

  7. Let kids determine some of their own goals and aspirations.

  8. Create an atmosphere of challenge.

  9. Encourage kids to become involved in what they love.

  10. Let kids fail. Failures are stepping stones to growth .

  11. Help find personal meaning in your child’s activities.

  12. Strengthen your child’s inner confidence.

  13. Be flexible with children.

  14. Instill curiosity for life.

  15. Ask children “why?”

  16. Speak to kids with respect.

  17. Hug children often.

  18. Expect the best from your children.

  19. Laugh out loud.

  20. Encourage kids to open up and talk.

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