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12 Little Ways 2 Encourage Curiosity

  • Model what curiosity means to children by asking questions that dig deeper.

  • Shout, “Let’s go exploring!”

  • Take your child to new places they have never been before.

  • Nurture the art of asking questions, such as “why?”

  • Challenge your children to create their own play experiences.

  • Empower your child’s brain power.

  • Encourage children to express and nurture their strengths.

  • Show your kids how to be thinkers and doers.

  • Enhance observation skills in kids so they look at differences in people as a positive quality.

  • Help your children to be flexible and to adapt to new situations.

  • Communicate to children the power of curiosity as an enrichment quality in their lives.

  • Stretch your child’s inquisitiveness and reach for the unknown.

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