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Three Qualities of a Leader

Leadership is a skill essential for success and lifelong prosperity, which must be cultivated at a young age. Huge conglomerates and large universities have realized this and are attempting to convert our generation, especially those from underrepresented racial backgrounds, to a generation of leaders. In addition, leadership experience has almost become a requirement for college admissions and job positions. I believe that nurturing leadership in our generation is necessary, and I think there are many factors for us kids to empower ourselves and become strong leaders. Here, I will give my take on leadership and write about the three most important skills necessary to become a successful leader.

First of all, public speaking skills are of the utmost importance when becoming a leader. Kids should not hesitate to join speech and debate clubs or summer camps. Continuously speaking in front of people helps kids develop public speaking skills, and overcome stage fright and nervousness normally associated with public speaking. Being able to speak with poise and conviction is an extremely important part of leadership. Leaders need to be able to talk this way in order to keep their teams on track and make sure their teams listen to them with respect.

Second, leaders need to be able to deal with adversity in a calm manner and look at problems objectively in order to solve them. Every team will face problems—problem solving is the very reason for creating teams in the first place. Leaders need to be able to keep their group under control when faced with tough problems, and the best way to do that is to keep their calm, which reassures the team that the problem is solvable. In addition, leaders should be able to view problems through a very objective and unbiased lens. Objectivity is crucial to understand the root of the problem, and only after the team understands the problem can they solve it.

Third, gaining leadership experience in any form is necessary to become a better leader. Growing up in today’s fast-paced society, we realize that the only way to excel at something is to practice, practice, and practice more! We are lucky to live in a time where leadership opportunities are as ample and easily accessible as they are. Kids should make use of as many opportunities as they can get their hands on. The simplest and often most effective ways are to become a captain of a sports team, which promotes leadership in a scenario faced with constant problems, or leading a school club, which comes with its own issues.

In sum, cultivating leadership skills at a young age is necessary to live a prosperous life. The three things I believe are most important to becoming a successful leader are to develop public speaking skills, be able to keep calm in times of adversity, and make use of all available leadership opportunities.

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