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Lead With the Truth

What you don’t teach your children, they will learn elsewhere. Sometimes, the things that are considered impolite table talk, such as money, religion, ethics and sexuality, can be crucial to a child’s development. It is necessary that the first impression of these topics be presented in truth. The subject matter may not be inherently wrong, but can be presented inaccurately by Internet, TV shows, movies, video games, and friends.

Often, parents shy away from speaking about uncomfortable issues for many reasons. For example:

My child is too young to understand this.

It is not really that important.

They will eventually learn it themselves.

My child won’t encounter this problem.

Certain subjects are too embarrassing to explain.

However, these things that seem above their heads may be the most significant parts of life. Children need to see you be open, honest and vulnerable about these issues. They need to see how you deal with big, pressing problems because you are their number one example. These big, pressing, and at times embarrassing problems are often the most difficult for children to ask about. If they have difficulty fully grasping a topic, children may struggle to put their questions into words. Life concerns should not be left vague in children’s minds. Children should be set straight and educated with a clear, healthy mentality so they won't be misinformed.

Let’s protect our children from counterfeit by arming them with the truth.

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