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The Right Perspective - Part 3

Many parents these days do not teach their children about faith. They let their children decide which religion they want to embrace; which religion best suits their lifestyle. But do we really want a religion that suits our lifestyle or do we want a religion that shapes our lifestyle? As I have stated in my previous articles, children have little discernment; especially in spiritual matters. They have no idea what religion is or what it means, unless someone has introduced it to them. If left to themselves, children have a lot of groundwork to do. To break it down, today's youngsters have three options: to pursue (believer), to push against (atheist), or to be completely indifferent (agnostic).

Ask yourself these questions: Why should you give your child the freedom to decide for him or herself? What consequences will they deal with later down the road, if any? Who will your and their decision affect? Why does it matter? And maybe the most important question of all: What do you believe and why do you believe it? Many denominations may look the same from the outside, but their deepest roots are dissimilar. If you are not careful, it is easy to be pulled into something that looks good but in reality is only a facade of holiness. By the time the mistake is discovered it may be very hard to get out.

Be sure you teach your child to differentiate right from wrong. Describe truth to your kids. Teach them why it is truth and why it stands up against all other faiths. Sooner or later the big question will come up: Why are we here? Parents can prepare to answer this question by studying the Bible—the only sourcebook of truth. Study your own attitude towards religion. Whether you lean into it or stay away, your attitude toward it will definitely influence your child's choice. In school, children are bombarded with the conventional paradigm of universalism. But the problem with that is not everybody goes to heaven. There is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. Those who do not love Him, have nothing, for He holds the key to life and all that is.

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