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One Leader I Know

One person I know who is a really a good leader is Ms. Michelle. She is the Children’s Ministry leader at our church. Ms. Michelle helps put together a service just for kids every Sunday while the grown-ups are in the Worship Center.

On Easter she put together a little play. She got kids together to do it, and then we did a play about how Jesus died for our sins and rose again. She was a good leader because she knew how to get kids involved and how to put on a play. Before we performed the play, she needed another person to introduce the play so she specifically asked me. It was very kind of her to ask me directly instead of just choosing anybody and not caring.

I was in two Christmas plays, and Ms. Michelle helped with both of them along with another lady. We had to practice every Sunday and Ms. Michelle reminded everyone where we needed to go to practice and when we needed to be there. If Ms. Michelle didn’t tell us about the play, then we wouldn’t have been able to participate in a really cool play, which was fun to be in. I would have missed out on trying something new and being able to worship God in a fun way.

Ms. Michelle is very devoted to God and loves Him. She is very kind and nice because of all she does for our church. She spends her own time helping other people instead of doing what she wants to do in order to help others succeed. She helps others find ways to use their gifts. It’s nice to know that she cares about me and what I might like to do. That is why I think Ms. Michelle is a very good leader.

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